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A class of artificial PEA substances known as the β2 agonists group has historically been employed to loading bronchospasm. Additionally, these substances could reduce physical body weight and improve bone mass and muscle size. Ineligible β-2 agonist abuse in foodstuff-making cattle leaves residual β-2 agonists in eating cell units, negatively impacting people’s lives. The screening of β-2 agonist misuse so greatly depends on determining the β-2 agonist group at remaining levels in complicated models. Regarding finding β-2 agonists, numerous techniques would be created. Within them, various methods built by AG-AB interactions would be developed to find β-2 agonist groups in the scope of models consisting of buttermilk, cell units, animal feeding, purine samples, and biological blood and hair tissues.  This work outlined recent developments in examining β-2 agonists derived from the examining materials and their immunological determination. Perspective points for the foreseeable vision were shortly mentioned. Moreover, the novelty of this work could be considered in the discussion of abused weight medications that attract massive concern from social media and the government. Therefore, this contributes to the applicability of the review.

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Trọng Tùng 2022. Bò nuôi bằng chất cấm được nhập lậu về Việt Nam: Lẽ nào bó tay? Báo điện tử Kinh tế & Đô thị
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